How to Animate in A Video?

Almost all of us know well how important and necessary are animation videos nowadays. When it comes to the making of an animation video, there are two ways you can adopt it. Either you will make your own animation free or you will hire any studio, firm, or industry providing such kind of services.

Both of the above-mentioned methods have their own pros and cons, however, most people prefer the former one. You should keep in mind the complexity of the animation production process especially when you are going to make it on your own.

Here is a comparatively simple and easy way of animating in a video:


The step that enables you to start the process of animation is scriptwriting. It is the very first step that lays the foundation of an animation. We can say that the script of an animation video determines what would be shown in the video.

Furthermore, a script tells that what is the basic purpose behind making a certain animation and what information or message it would give to the viewers. When it comes to the effectiveness of an animation video, don’t forget to keep the start of your video visitors engaging so that the viewers may keep watching till end.

Hence, it is necessary for you to know that the scriptwriting task may cause difficulty for you in the beginning, however, you may get accustomed to it later on.

Making of storyboard:

The importance of a storyboard in the creation of an animation video is totally undeniable. And this is because without having a storyboard, the maker can not have an idea about how the video will look like after its creation.

A storyboard consists of different blocks having the pictures of the scenes in an orderly manner with the script or dialogues written below. However, it must be kept in mind that the sketching and other skills of the storyboard maker must be up to the mark, otherwise, it would be better to hire any professional.

Hence, a storyboard makes it possible for the maker to analyze what how would it look like after it is in its final or fully developed form. In this way, the maker can find out the flaws or areas that need betterment.

Type of animation video:

The type of animation video is also worth considering factor. As not every type of video will be in accordance with the purpose for which you are making it. Therefore, be careful in this regard and choose the video style that is suitable for you.

If we talk about the types or styles of video, animation videos can be of different types and all of them have different purposes. For example, a whiteboard animation will help you in advertisement and product description. Similarly, infographic, topographic and similar other types have different functions.

Start animating your video:

Start animating your video

In this step, your video content is ready to be animated. You can either hire a professional animator or you can do it on your own. If you are doing it yourself, the best option is to take help from DIY tools.

After successfully animating your video, go for video and audio editing to get your animation video ready.


As mentioned earlier in the article, animation videos play a vital role in various fields including the advertisement, marketing as well as education. But the process of making animation videos is a little bit complex and tricky.

If you want to make an animation video on your own, you can do so by keeping in mind the step by step mechanism mentioned above, provided that you have access to a free animation video maker or an animation video maker app.

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