How to Make a Whiteboard Explainer Video?

How to Make a Whiteboard Explainer Video?

In the whiteboard explainer video, the author draws the story or the message he/she wants to give in the video and record it. People also use stock images available on different software and websites. Then people add background music or voiceover they have recorded according to the script of the video. After it, they use different software to edit it, and then it is ready.

Making a whiteboard explainer video is now getting very much popular. People want to learn how to make a whiteboard explainer video. It is not much difficult. There are some steps which we have to learn to make a video. We can make a whiteboard explainer video using any of the following software;

  • Filmora pro
  • Adobe Animate CC
  • Animaker Whiteboard
  • Doodly
  • Video Scribe
  • Explaindio

Now we are going to learn all the steps to make a video:

Write script:

First of all, we will write the script for our video. The script must be good. Because the script is the base of the video. We have to write the script in such a way that when people start watching our video, they remain stick to watch the video rather than canceling it after watching 2-3 seconds of the video.

The script should also explain our main message in a good way so that people watch our video with interest. Sometimes people only concentrate on the start of the video and they do not take care of the main message of the video due to which such videos are not able to catch the attention of people. Only those videos succeed and get popular in which all the aspects from start to the end are fully covered.

Sketches & Images:

After writing the script now it’s time to make sketches and images according to the script. But if you are not good at making sketches and images or you do not have enough time, don’t worry. There are also many images available online in the stock. You can have them from websites or software like doodly and video scribe.

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Make a sequence:

After writing the script and story of the video & making sketches and images we have to bring all the sketches into a sequence according to the script. We have to arrange things according to the starting and ending of the explainer video. Also, decide the duration of the video and do all the things according to it. The best duration is around 1.5 minutes (90) seconds. We can give the best explanation in this duration with minimum unnecessary things. A video gets too boring if it is too long.


Now it’s time to animate the video. We can do this by using software video scribe, doodly, etc. Select the style of frame and whiteboard which you want to use. There are many styles available so you can use any of them. Choose the colors which you want to use.

Addition of Voiceover:

It depends on you that you use only background music in your video or you use voice-over. If you are good at recording voiceover then do it yourself. Otherwise, try to find a professional man who can do it. Use a good microphone for this. If you do not have one, then you can also use your mobile.

Final Check and Export:

In the end, when all the steps have been completed, do a final check and correct the mistakes. When the final check has been done, export the video. This was a brief guide for making a whiteboard animation video. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

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