How to Write An Explainer Video Script?

How to Write An Explainer Video Script?

Explainer videos are very effective for businesses in marketing their products and services. It is a short video script of your business idea, services, or product. If you do it right, it can be a very compelling way of attracting customers. But to do it right first you need a good script for it. Reading this post will hopefully enable you on how to write a good explainer video script:

Two aspects of the script:

That is, the script itself and the way you choose to tell your story. The story is the foundation. Therefore, you must have a good story to tell. Then the next thing is how you tell the story. Here is the stepwise guide which will help you write a good script.

Identify your story:

Your job is to tell one specific story clearly and concisely. Therefore, you must know accurately what your story is. Most likely, your story will belong to one of these 2 categories;

1 – Problem-solution:

Here you present to your viewers a problem that relates to them. Then you present a solution in the form of your product or services.

2 – Process overview:

In this method, you can efficiently give a simple and clear outline of how your offered product or service will work.

Now it is completely okay if your video doesn’t fit into one of these two categories. One of the options is to present a problem and its solution in the initial part and later you explain the process of how the solution will work.

To work out your story, ask yourself questions like why do you want to tell this story? What’s your perspective? Why should people watch it? If people watch it, what should they learn from it?

Processing the story:

The next step is to process your story. You have to convey your message as concisely, clearly, and simply as possible. An explainer video is short, mostly spanning 60 to 90 seconds. So, mention only the most important things. Use short, simple sentences. Imagine you are telling this story to a 10 to 12 years child and try to mold it accordingly.

This way, you will make sure that most of the people will cling to your video. Because when surfing on the internet, even educated people are mostly not in a literary mood. So, you should avoid difficult and complex language.

Know your audience and make the story relatable to the audience:

Pick a story to which your viewers can relate. It should be like when your targeted audience watches the video, they can easily relate to the story in their conscious or subconscious minds. This will help you grab their attention.

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Speak directly and add emotions:

You should directly address your audience with personal pronouns like ‘you or ‘your’. It will appear like you are engaging the viewers in the conversation and the video is about them and their problem which you can solve for them. What a beautiful way to make them stick until the end.

Another trick is to add emotions. For example, you can use humor in your video. But use humor or any other emotion wisely. Because emotions are good as long as they support your message.

Do not explain what you can show:

Remember this point. What you elaborate visually is always better and easier to understand for the audience.

Let others test it:

Once it starts getting into the final form, give the script to your friends and colleagues to review it. Their suggestions can help you a lot.

Some tips:

  • Be straightforward and confident.
  • Anticipate viewers’ questions and answer them in the video.
  • Edit without any mercy.
  • Pick the right tone for the entire video.
  • Give the audience the information they don’t have, don’t waste time on what they already know.
  • Don’t fear making mistakes.

This was a brief guide on how to write a good explainer video script. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you.

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