How to Learn Video Animation?

It is a matter of common observation that people are concerned about finding ways how to learn video animation for beginners. The reason behind this is enhancing the need for animation in our daily life.

Many of the daily life tasks like business dealings, learning processes, and sharing important information are easy to accomplish nowadays due to animation video. If you are also looking for ways how to learn animation at home, then you are at the right place.

By following the simple steps, given below, you can understand well what animation video is and how can you learn it.

Have a clear idea about what animators do:

Learning animation video is almost impossible without knowing what do actually animators do and what kind of skill set they need. If we talk about animation, in simple words animators make certain pictures or virtual characters to move on the screen. This movement of the characters in a video done by animators is termed animation.

Some of the animators help filmmakers by providing them a video depicting how will the characters move and act in a movie. Some of the animators may also produce some special effects in a video or movie. Others may provide their services and assist in the game designing process. There are many other fields as well where animators play a key role.

Know and develop skills and traits of an animator:

The second step is to have some knowledge about the skills and animator should have and develop them. For example, it is always necessary for an animator to have well-developed programming and computer skills. In the absence of these skills, no one can even imagine becoming an animator.

In addition to the development of skills, an animator needs to have some patience. It is just because the development of these required skills is a time taking process. It may take a considerable amount of time to become a successful animator.

Learn the step by step mechanism:

After you have developed a particular skill set required for being an animator, you have to go through and understand the mechanism for the production of animation. This mechanism contains four major steps named pre-production, creation of animatic, production, and post-production.

Pre-production means the sketching and conceptualization of the main theme of the video and what will be featured in it. It may also include watching or analyzing the real video of the events planned to occur in animation.

In the second step, the creation of animatic occurs keeping in view the expressions and personalities of characters. In the third step, all the concepts and ideas are given a physical shape or life on screen. While in the fourth and last step, the processes like video editing, sound editing, and compositing are accomplished.

How 3D animation is different from 2D animation?How 3D animation is different from 2D animation

First of all, the production of 2D animation includes simple steps like drawing of poses, movements and etc. And the frames used in a 2D animation are either 24 or 12 in number depending upon the movement speed.

On the other hand, a 3D animation requires the creation of a 3D model of every single character and control it using the computer. Another thing that draws a distinction between 2D and 3D animation is that a 2D animation can either be moving or static, while 3D animation can never be static.


No doubt, animation videos have got great importance nowadays. They have made many tasks easier and more efficient. If you want to make animation for your business, learning, or any other purpose and want to know how to animate for free, the instructions given in this article will provide you a roadmap for this purpose.

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