How to Make 3D Video Animation?

How to Make 3D Video Animation?

The importance of 3D video animation is undeniable in this modern era. With the developing technology, they are gaining much more popularity day by day. And the reason behind this is their increasing role in everyday life. No matter it is learning technology or business dealing with the customers, 3D video animations have made all these processes very easy and effective.

However, when it comes to finding ways on how to make 3D video animation, there are different options as well as platforms like the 3D animation maker app that you can go for. It is up to you which one of them you opt for.

Here is one of the simple and efficient way of making video animation:


The step from where you start making a 3D video animation is the conceptualization of your ideas. This step determines that what would be the nature and kind of animated video you are going to make. Similarly, it also tells us about the main theme of the video.

After this step, you are supposed to depict the main idea in the form of pictures. These pictures explain simply the order of events that will occur in the video.

Shaping or molding:

After the completion of conceptualization and depiction of the main theme or idea, the next step is to start making the animation practically. This process is also termed modeling. And it includes the making of 3D objects starting from some common objects.

Simply speaking, the process of modeling means to make or create the characters of videos, the surrounding environment, and similar other things. It means that in this step, your ideas are given a practical shape.

Giving texture to objects:

After giving a physical or practical shape to your ideas, the next thing you need to do is give texture to the characters and other things. In other words, you are required to add things to the already existing characters or objects. And most commonly the platform used for doing such kinds of things is Photoshop. This step may also include modification and conversion of real pictures of certain objects to make characters of your animation video.

Movement of objects:

It is the first step that initiates the making of an animation video. And this step is considered to be a crucial step. Actually, this movement of objects is termed animation. For example, the falling of objects or their movement along a curved path and other movements are covered under this step.

You can use different apps for the accomplishment of this task of moving the objects in a video animation. Other things or tools used in this procedure include various software, frame, etc.

Camera and light adjustment:

Camera and light play a major role in the creation of 3D video animation. Without proper adjustment of these both, you can never create an animation as per your needs and requirements.

If the light and its effects are not used in a proper and well-calculated proportion, there are chances that the shape of objects featuring in the animation may get distorted completely. Even it may result in the destruction of the whole video animation. Similar is the role of the camera. In the case of 3D animations, it can be placed even at locations where it seems to be impossible usually.

After completion of the above-mentioned steps, you have to go for rendering, music, voice, and editing. After that, the video animation is ready for display.

How to Make 3D Video Animation?


If you don’t know how to make an animation video in 3D and you are concerned about it, then instead of worrying about it what you need it to do is start making animation video keeping in mind the method mentioned in this article.

The procedure mentioned in this article will make this task remarkably easy for you. Furthermore, you should also be aware of the fact that you can also try the options like 3D animation maker online in this regard.

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