Addition of The Motion In the video:

How to Make An Explainer Video in After Effects

In this article, I am going to teach you how to make an explainer video in after effects. Most people think it is difficult but in reality, it is not that much difficult. All we have to do is to learn some steps and follow them. Then by practicing them for some time we can become good at making explainer videos in after effects.

Let’s dive into these simple steps. I will briefly explain all the steps so you can easily follow them and make a good explainer video. Always remember that you won’t be an expert at it right away. You can only become good at it if you keep practicing it.

Import Files:

First of all, import files from photoshop. The files you import must be in separate layers. If the layers are not separated then it will cause problems for you. These all things will appear on the timeline. First, you open the new project by clicking on the file option and then open the import file. After doing this you should open the file. Then all the things will appear in the panel. Also, check all the video settings.

Addition of Keyframes:

In the very next step, we have to add keyframes. It is an important step so we have to learn it carefully. First of all, click on the layer and then you select all (Menu: Edit > Select All). Click on the triangle present next to the transform option and then you will see all the aspects of Keyframes. In the end, you click on the forward option and as a result, all of the selected keyframes will be added. When all the keyframes are added then the transitions become rough. But we can correct it by using easing techniques. For this find the assistant menu from where we can get all the easing options.

Anchor Points:

In making an explainer video in after effects one main step is to adjust all the anchor points correctly. So, we have to learn carefully that how to set and adjust all the anchor points. First of all, the anchoring points should be lined up like a frame. You can also change the anchor points by dragging the anchor points. After this, we will join and connect all the elements. Once we have done this, if we make any changes it will affect all the joined and connected elements

Addition of The Motion In the video

Addition of The Motion In the video:

After doing all the things we add motion to the video. We can do this by first clicking on the triangle present and then the menu will open. After that, we will place pins on the areas where we want to add motion. Once the pins are placed in the desired areas then we will use the transform property at the end and then the motion will be added and as a result, things will start moving.

Export your Video:

In the end when all the steps are done then we have to export it to our storage disk. We can do this by the following steps: First, you have to click on the file option and the export option will come, you have to click on it. Then leave the video to render.

These are the steps that we can follow and easily make an explainer video in after effect. These steps are a little bit complicated but all things need practice. When we practice it for some time then it will be very easy to make these videos. Because of course, “Practice makes a man perfect”

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